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Jylan Megahed

Ms. Megahed is a local San Diego attorney from Rancho Penasquitos. In 2004, she found her passion for Family Law while interning at the Law Office of

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • La Jolla, CA

Do I have to disclose all my property in a prenup?

I want a simple prenup before I get married that says I keep whatever is in my name if the marriage breaks up and she keeps whatever is in her name. If we buy something jointly, we split it equally. I

Can I use a prenup to address infidelity?

My girlfriend has a history of cheating on me. We’ve been to counseling and I think we’ve worked on things and I do want to ask her to marry me. But I am still concerned about her history

Can I amend an outdated prenuptial agreement?

My wife and I live in San Francisco and I work for a start-up tech company. The company has the potential to become very large and profitable. My wife and I signed a prenup before we married. I have s